PyDruid 0.4.0 release

Hey all,

I just released PyDruid v0.4.0 to PyPI

The last release was more than a year ago. Here’s what’s new in 0.4.0:

Major improvements:

  • Now shipping a Python DBAPI-compliant driver along with the package

  • Shipping a working SQLAlchemy dialect

  • Now exposing a nice SQL command line interface with command history, autocomplete and color highlighting

Other improvements & fixes:

  • Implement pandas export for ‘select’ queries (#107)

  • Support for Union datasource (#74)

  • thetaSketch support (#72)

  • Added columnComparison filter support (#82)

  • Added new “Greatest” and “Least” post aggregators (#73)

  • Added min and max aggregators for long and double (#84)