Pydruid PyPI

Hi PyDruid maintainers,

Seems like last time, PyDruid was pushed to PyPI was a year ago.

Is there any plan / ETA to push latest version?

Thanks for your interest in PyDruid.

Since the last PyPI release, the following features have been added to PyDruid by the community:

  • Support for the hyperunique aggregator

  • The addition of a ‘select’ query

  • The groupby query can have a ‘having’ clause

  • Better logging for when queries don’t return do to Druid issues

  • The ability to set the ‘context’ of a query

There are no plans to push a new version that incorporates these changes, but I believe we can do so if you want! Else, you can clone the repo and run ‘python install’ to obtain the newest features.

– deep

Hi Deep,

I realized after installing from PyPI and again reinstalled from master branch.

So, I’m good for now. But it would be nice if this info is mentioned somewhere in README file :slight_smile:


I think we can push to PyPI again if the community wants that. Let me look into it and update this thread.