Query timeout not working


Not able to aggregate 1 day data in Druid. Able to fetch all data without aggregate function , but if i use aggregate function getting Request failed with status code 504 . Tried increasing timeout in query context but no use.

Same query if i use groupBy getting timeout

timeout query context parameter also not working

all queries got terminated after 30seconds

someone help how to set query timeout value

The property that comes to mind is druid.server.http.defaultQueryTimeout. Have you checked the Broker logs for any errors?

no logs in broker. also we set druid.server.http.defaultQueryTimeout druid_server_http_defaultQueryTimeout: 1500000


please note that:

  • if it is only the groupBy queries that are timing out, you may need to investigate merge buffers and make sure that you are following the tuning recommendations noted here: Basic cluster tuning · Apache Druid

  • timeouts are set at both the historicals as well as the broker. Please check both: Configuration reference · Apache Druid

  • You may also have to look at broker backpressure as well as spill-to-disk settings

One of these should solve your issue. Please reach out if you need further help.