Querying key value pairs


I’m ingesting into druid the key-value pairs that looks like:

‘{“timestamp”: “2019-04-26 18:30:09.722”, “datapoint”: “3-64124-TE6@ai3315”, “engval”: 509.3920833253621}’

I have no metrics defined in the ingestion spec.

I have about 2000 unique “datapoint” values, each of which have 30 associated engvals and timestamps per minute.

The intent is to:

-have a user select a datapoint and a time range (say 10min)

-have a web app stream and graph the latest data for that datapoint on that time range

-update the graph with new data as it arrives in druid

I have successfully run most of the types of queries against the data.

I am wondering which type of query an experienced druid user would most likely choose for my use case.