Querying output is empty

after passing topN query for sample json file its showing only empty bracket.

below is my query for sample .json file

“queryType” : “topN”,
“dataSource” : “result2”,
“intervals” : [“2015-09-12/2015-09-13”],
“granularity” : “all”,
“dimension” : “page”,
“metric” : “count”,
“threshold” : 5,
“aggregations” : [
“type” : “count”,
“name” : “count”


Below is json file attached for topN query.

result2.json (4.23 KB)

Hi Shivendra,

Empty brackets here mean there are no results, which probably means you have no data loaded for the interval 2015-09-12/2015-09-13. Could you try double checking that? Maybe try doing a Druid SQL (http://druid.io/docs/latest/querying/sql) query to make sure you have data loaded at all, something like “SELECT COUNT(*) FROM result2”.

Ok thanks Gian. If I get any error I will let u know

Hi Gian

When i am trying to do sql queries on my json file it gives following error message:-

{“error”:“Unknown exception”,“errorMessage”:“org.apache.calcite.runtime.CalciteContextException: From line 1, column 37 to line 1, column 40: Object ‘test’ not found”,“errorClass”:“org.apache.calcite.tools.ValidationException”,“host”:null}

How to resolve this bug