Question about Druid feasility

Hi all,

I am brand new to Druid and I am considering it for a need we have in our ad-tech company where we need to segment a series of user profiles given some unknown criteria (known only at query time).

In other words we have a series of events coming through that describe a user profile and we later need to query based on those events.

My question is as follows. Assume the following example

  1. user joe sets attribute xyz to 1 [Happens t-2]

  2. user joe sets attribute xyz to 2 [Happens t-1]

Druid query: Find me all the users where xyz = 2

Is this possible?

Also, Assume our client library sends events in the following way track(‘xyz’, { value: 2, custom_data: ‘some data’, more_custom_data: ‘more’ }} Is it possible to ingest the custom dimensions for that event as they are coming through?




Hi Yannis, it usually takes a few days to get to community questions.

You can try if you need dedicated help.

With regards to your questions, yes it should be possible of answer your query. Druid also supports schemaless ingestion of dimensions.