Question about how to using noop for deep storage on single node


  1. We use Druid for performance storage, we hope it both support single node and distribution node.

  2. When using in single node mode, cause of segments(deep storage) and segments-cahce exists, mean local mode(, this will lead our disk doubling.

  3. So when I saw this chapter: ‘’ , I’, thinking if there is a way that in single node, we don’t need use segments, but only segments-cache, this can reduce our disk usage.

  4. But when I config like that, I get an error like : ‘Unknown provider[noop] of Key[type=io.druid.segment.loading.DataSegmentPusher, annotation=[none]], known options[[hdfs, s3, local]]’ . here is the detail:

As reply from gianm, I still have question about it, or may I have misunderstanding about Druid for noop design.

Thanks a lot.~~

As Gian said the noop option is not what you should use, it is there for some dependency injection.
You have 2 options
If you want to have a standalone one node then use local.

If you want a distributed mode then you can use HDFS, S3, GFS but do not use noop it doesn’t get you anywhere

Druid always expects there to be a deep storage, there’s no “local segment cache only” mode, so even if the Noop DataSegmentPusher were usable, your historical nodes would never get any data.