Question Kafka Indexing service and kafka consumer groups

I have the following question regarding how does kafka indexing service handles the kafka consumer groups.

Lets say for example i have an existing topic in kafka with 2 partitions and 2 consumer under the same group that are consuming messages in parallel (partition1 -> consumer1 etc).

Now if i want to start consuming messages from the same topic through kafka index service I would set taskCount=2 (if I want to leverage “parallelism”),

how do I configure the tasks so that they use a different consumer group as the above mentioned consumers?

Ultimately i want both consumer groups to consume all messages from that topic.

thank you

Druid doesn’t store the offsets in Kafka, but does the offset management itself. Read thread for more details:!topic/druid-user/sNOyoXR5WDE.

I think, because of this they haven’t exposed the consumer group option.