Question On Druid Working principle?

HI Team

I have installed druid and make small progress on it , both local storage and deep storage to HDFS .

And going through the official documentation to understand different nodes and their workings .

Question 1 # But my question is where is the real time node in the package , I can only see below dir(s) and even in the quick start also its not mentioned where and how to start it ?

case 1 # As per my understanding when we fire any query on broker node , it goes to either real time node or historical node and get the data and merge it if required and then return back to client.

case 2 # If we fire the query on real time node directly we will get the result from real time node only .

Question 2# Can we fire query on real time OR Historical node directly to get the respective result ( only ) or it should always through the Broker node who forwards the request based on the knowledge of segments to Node and access the date ?