Questions reguarding querying

Hi everybody !!

I was wondering if it was possible to query the data with a “group by hour” why the query console (SQL). Do you see what I mean ?

I want to be able to , when querying my data, to make groupe by hour or by day but without setting any query granularity because I’d like to be able sometimes to group by hour and sometimes by day.

I hope you’ll be able to answer me !

Thanks for advance.

Hi Clem:

Sorry I am not clear about the question. If you need to switch back and forth between DAY and MONTH granularity, wouldn’t two different queries solve the problem.

Please help us to better understand the question.


Hi !
I think you understood it. I’d like to know if once the data is loaded, if it was possible to switch between granularities, between HOUR adn DAY for exemple.


Le ven. 12 juil. 2019 à 00:24, Ming F a écrit :

Your query granularity has to be the lowest granularity you would want to run your queries with. Example, if you set your query granularity (while ingestion) to a DAY, you can’t group data by hour… But you will be able to group by month, year, etc. Example.

SELECT FLOOR(__time to Day) AS Day, COUNT(*) AS RowCount FROM dataset group by FLOOR(__time to Day)


This would not work if the query granularity of your datasource is hour… But wouldn’t work if your query granularity is set to Month.