Re: [druid-user] Custom bucketing in granularity specifications

Hi Hrishikesh,

If you are already using segment granularity to week, you can add query granularity to be ‘all’ and provide your interval covering 4-4-5 weeks ( basically start of the first month and end of the third month). I am not sure if it answers your question.

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I believe your only options are standard granularities [Query granularities · Apache Druid] including ISO8601 periods. If it were me I would go for the lowest common denominator, which in your case sounds like week? Although for max flexibility I’d probably end up going with Day query granularity and then have a cool enough Segment Granularity that the indexes work nice to keep the data volumes low. That gives max flexibility to the data peeps who may want to do something other than weekly stats later down the line.

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