Re: [druid-user] Custom Emitter

I'm wondering if you have a Guice module and have it setup with the
right hooks in your jar file. It looks like Druid doesn't know about
the emitter. The instructions for setup are at

If all of that is setup, can you share your module implementation?

Ok, your module looks like it should be working, but judging from the
error message that doesn't include hubble as an option, Guice isn't
learning about the binding. The simplest reason for that would be
that the module itself isn't getting instantiated/registered. Can you
verify that the jar has a


file in it as described here:

The contents should be the package-qualified classname for your
HubbleEmitterModule. The simplest way to add one of these files is to
put it in the src/main/resources directory in your maven file

If that's there, can you also add some log lines for the
HubbleEmitterModule just to make sure it's getting constructed and
that the configure() method is being called?