Re: [druid-user] Error to query huge volume of data in druid

Is it possible that it is being caused by a certain value that you are only retrieving when you query more data? Or does this happen when you reach a certain number of rows / amount of data regardless of what time period you are querying?


I’m asking around some developers and will see what comes back :slight_smile:

It seems like you are hitting the below-reported bug, which is still in an open state -

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I also found a similar report, in which it turned out to be a misleading message, from a timeout. Can you add a longer timeout in the query context and see whether it runs longer? Eg, you can edit the query context by clicking the three dots next to “Run”, and add something like this:

“timeout”: 20000

Of course, your query will run longer if it works, which might strain your system, so keep an eye on it.