Re: [druid-user] Rollup from druid datasource, aggregations return zero

Hello -

This is a bug, not sure if there’s a public jira for it, but I think it would be fixed eventually by

If you specify the original metrics in the ioConfig, things should work (let us know if not). Basically, when reingesting from druid, if a metric isn’t shown, and not in ioConfig, it won’t be read, so it ends up all 0s for the aggregations (or transforms). I think your ioConfig would look like this:

“ioConfig”: {
“type”: “index_parallel”,
“inputSource”: {
“type”: “druid”,
“dataSource”: “druid_ds”,
“interval”: “2019-01-07/2019-01-10”,
“metrics”: [“metric1”, “metric2”]

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Excellent - glad to hear it!