Re: [druid-user] Strange results from druid query

This is strange, it’s as if rect_bat_energy is seen as a multi-valued dimension in some cases, but even that wouldn’t fully explain this.
Out of curiosity, what if you use mv_to_string(mv_slice(rect_bat_energy,0,1),’’), eg

select __time, cast(mv_to_string(mv_slice(rect_bat_energy,0,1),’’) as DECIMAL)
from atc_sitedata_reading
order by __time desc

Would you be able to attach the ingestion spec?

Hi. I have previously attached the requested spec.

I don’t see it in the thread, maybe it got lost in the void somehow…

I’m not sure of your version, but I just saw this (on another topic), and I bet it’s related. Especially
the comments about strings being handled as multi-valued during ingestion.

oops, this:

Thanks a lot.
We are on Druid 0.20. It looks like this was fixed in 0.22.
We will try to upgrade and see if it fixes it.