Re: [druid-user] upgrading from 0.13 to 0.18 or later

Hi James,

I have upgraded a cluster from 0.12.3 to 0.19 and it went well. A
couple of info to check:

- The release notes for each version contain a lot of useful
information, for example see
Release druid-0.18.0 · apache/druid · GitHub.
You'll need to go through all the intermediate versions as well, IIRC
there was a version that didn't allow a rollback or similar, but I
might be wrong.
- The procedure to upgrade is outlined in
Rolling updates · Apache Druid,
and it has been very smooth in my experience.

I suggest to create a little testing environment and try the
upgrade/rollback before applying to production to be sure, the more
you automate the steps the better!

Hope that helps,