Re-index druid datasource....Added dimensions are not visible in druid console


I have an existing datasource in Druid. I need to update the schema and add a new dimension to the data using a column transformation. My transform spec looks like the following ->

"transformSpec": {
  "transforms": [
      "type": "expression",
      "name": "newDimension",
      "expression": "upper(preExistingDimension)"

I am trying to update the datasource using the “Reindex druid data” feature in the druid console UI. The re-indexing process is successful but the new dimension is not added and I don’t see the “newDimension” dimension in druid console when trying to query data from the data source.



if all the values are null, druid wont create that 'newdimension".

Regards, Chari.


In my scenario, “preExistingDimension” dimension values are valid strings and it does not contain any null value.



Hi Sashi,

I had the same issue, which turned out to be caused by this bug

Workaround was to list all dimensions explicitly.

Hope it helps