real time ingestion through storm-tranquility issues

I am trying to ingest data in real time using storm tranquility libraries.
So i have a bolt which does the transformation of my raw event and then BeamBolt takes the stream from there and ingest into druid.

Now my transformation bolt emits a java map and i was hoping that BeamBolt can take this and ingest it into druid but when i execute my topologies i see only timeStamp field getting ingested into druid while remaining all key value pair in the event are absent.

//This is how i create my beam bolt

BeamBolt<Map<String, Object>> beamBolt = new BeamBolt<>(new DruidBeamFactory());

//this is what my beam factory looks like

public class DruidBeamFactory implements BeamFactory<Map<String, Object>> {


What version of Druid? For Pivot questions, please use!forum/imply-user-group

Usually if you only see timestamp and not other dimensions, that is an introspection issue. Try updating to the latest versions of Druid and Pivot, they both have many improvements to introspection and I believe this should no longer happen.

Thanks for help guys.I will surely try the latest version for both.