realtime cannot handoff segment after changing mysql charset to utf8

I am on druid version 0.6.160.

To do the upgrade to 0.6.172, I changed my Mysql charset from latin1 to utf8.

I have not done the upgrade yet.

However, I now notice in the coordinator that the realtime node is not handing off the segments to historicals.

My segments are hourly.

All nodes seem to work fine otherwise. Querying works properly.

Here is a screenshot of my coordinator showing the segments

I have 2 realtime replicas running.

And as you can see there are 2 segments (with 1 copy each) on realtime node.

If the handoff was successful, there should be only 1 segment on realtime.

I have tried restarting both the coordinator and realtime nodes to no avail.

This was resolved over IRC.

The problem was the realtime hands off segments after a restart at the next segment handoff period in 0.6.x.