Realtime + lookups (lookup not found error)

Hello all,

We have two environments sand and prod. We have a real time task writing to the same cube as a push tasks. We use lookups to give friendly names for some of the columns.

The idea of this is a lambda architecture such that we push real time and batch eventually overwrites.

In sand all works fine, in our prod environment, lookups fail for segments written in real time (pivot dashboard says “lookup xyz not found”, but those same lookups work for the same datasource for the hours we push.

I am guessing that the issue is that in our sand environment more things are co-located and things “work magically” and in prod where we have middle managers and peons and supervisors on separate boxes things to not work. We are using version 0.11.

If anyone has any ideas where I can start looking or if this configuration is unsupported (realtime+ lookups) let me know.



Note: We also moved the real time data to write to a cube completely separate then the one the batch pushes at and the lookups still do not work.

Hi Eddie,

Realtime + lookups definitely is meant to work fine. In the realtime task logs do you see them trying to load lookups?