Realtime node alive but no more fetching from Kafka after an exception

Hi all,
I am running Druid 0.8.2 and I have a realtime node reading messages from Kafka.
An event is read having an invalid (i.e. not a number) format for a dimension declared doubleMax: this causes an exception.
After this, the realtime node is still alive but it no more reads data from Kafka.
See the attached firehose (kafka.soj.spec) and the part of the logfile related to the exception (exception.txt).
Let me know if there are some hints for properly configure the realtime node to let it (e.g.) skip processing that invalid record but still continuing to fetch messages.

exception.txt (13.8 KB)

kafka.soj.spec (3.17 KB)

Ah, yeah, the node expects you to fix the data ingestion pipeline. If you restart the node, things should work again.