Realtime nodes not deleting tmp files

I am running 3 Realtime nodes reading from different Kafka partitions. Data is being handed-off to ‘deep storage’ by the nodes, but they are not deleting the files in the temp folder (/tmp/realtime/basePersist/{topic}) after handing off the data. My segment granularity is 1 hour with 20 min window period.

Hi Saksham,
Druid realtime nodes drops data only after it is being successfully loaded on historical node. this is done in order to ensure data availability all the times.

Do you have coordinator running and enough capacity on the historical nodes to load new data ?

Check coordinator/historical logs for any exceptions in loading segments.

Hi saksham,
Yes, Historical nodes downloads the segments in their local cache directory which is configured via druid.segmentCache.locations property.
more details about how the segmentCache is used and segments are loaded are here -