Realtime not able to resolve service name for HDFS

I am running hadoop HA cluster and name nodes keep switching. I am trying to use HDFS as deep storage and but If I give namenodes Ip address, unless names switch happens it works well but if it goes in standby it fails to write data. I tried giving the service name in HDFS URL but realtime node cannot resolve the host with service name. I gave site.xml in the classpath but still same error.

Any help on how I can achieve that?


Can you verify if the hadoop conf are part of your middle manager process?

I am using the same setup and it works for me hence i believe it could be something wrong with the classpath.s

If not,try adding all the hadoop conf files to the classpath.



Hi Rohit,

I am not using middleManager as of now.(didn’t quite understand its use) but currently I am trying to ingest data in realtime node from kafka. I gave these conf files in the classpath:

I notice something like this in the logs. analyticscp1dev is the service name
No HA service delegation token found for logical URI hdfs://analyticscp1dev


Please have a look at this log file. This is the start to where I see this error and stop the realtime node. Realtime Log File.
HDFS-site xml file

I am not sure why it is not picking up the configuration from my classpath.
I tried giving the name nodes parameters in common_configuratios too. Not sure how to proceed now.
Any help on this.

this answers helped. I have the full hadopp classpath in classpath for running realtime node.