Remove cache druid

How can i remove the cache on druid versión 0.6?

In the last versión of druid, i have found this parameter: druid.segmentCache.deleteOnRemove

In my in the historical configuration node, i have a configuration similar how this example:
druid.segmentCache.locations=[{"path": "/tmp/druid/indexCache", "maxSize"\: 10000000000}]


Hey Jorge, Druid should be removing unused cached segments by default.

Hey Glan, Thank you very much.

My historical nodes has a hhd mount for the druid cache.
$ df -h
/dev/mapper/druid_historic-index 99G 71G 23G 76% /mnt/druid

In my

85GB - stored on druid_historic-index (100GB) ~ %85

druid.segmentCache.locations=[{“path”: “/mnt/druid/indexCache”}]

I think, I have not used many segments in the cache, the disk space is increasing every day, when you delete unused segments? When you are occupying the 85Gb disk? Or could I force clear the cache?

In the graph we see that the cache for to grow.

Hi Jorge, are you setting any retention for your segments and are you constantly loading new data?

Historical nodes download segments locally before queries can be served on them. Segments remain on disk on historicals unless they are told to drop them. This occurs either because a segment needs to be moved, or the coordinator realizes a segment is no longer valid (due to user configuration or reindexing).