Renaming dimension name while ingestion

I am ingesting directly from a Kafka stream. Can the fields/dimensions in the log be mapped to different dimension names in druid?
For eg. log is { “a” : “1”, “b” : “1”, “c” : “1”} but the dimensions in Druid should be “someA”, “someB” , “someC”.

Yes, you can look at using lookup dimension extraction functions:

Please note this feature is experimental.

How about renaming dimensions during the ingestion time, instead of query time?


Can we rename dimension while ingesting ?


Renaming dimensions while injecting, is there a solution? can it be done?

Right now, i’m injecting data with tranquility, but i misspelled a dimension name, which i would like to change it. But i’m afraid that i will lose data if i stop tranquility.