Rest call to clear out ingestion task?

Can we get some sort of feature request for Druid ingestion service to clear out a specific task with an ID (or anything really) for Druid overlord? We have a check that alerts on down ingestion tasks and it’d be nice to clear that task once we acknowledge it, etc. Is there a REST call for this? Right now we just get spammed, or have to change the alerting interval / refresh interval to refresh at a much longer / later time. It’d be nice if we could just go clear it or change the state.


Does doing a POST to: http://<OVERLORD_IP>:/druid/indexer/v1/task/{taskId}/shutdown work for you?


Hi, David -

Thanks for the response - I mean more so to clear it from ZooKeeper or the failed task queue?

Hey John,

The list of “recent tasks” comes from the metadata store (mysql/postgresql). You could delete records for older failed tasks if you don’t want to keep them. You can’t do this through Druid APIs, though, so you’d have to issue SQL DELETEs directly to the metadata store. At this point you’re in “not really supported” territory but it should work.

Thanks, Gian! This may work. I’ll let you know if it works!