Rolling upgrade to new Tranquility and Druid


Just wondering if newer version of Tranquility is backward compatibility with the older version. Just to clarify, here’s what we’re trying to do.

We’re trying to upgrade Druid from 0.9.0 to as we’re using Tranquility 0.8.1 for Druid 0.9.0. We need to upgrade to Tranquility 0.8.2 to work with Druid Can we verify if the steps we’re going to do will work at all?

We have druid.indexer.task.restoreTasksOnRestart=true added to our middle manager already.

  1. Upgrade to Tranquility 0.8.2 for Storm and deploy to production while Druid is still 0.9.0

  2. Wait to see if it’s working correctly.

  3. Upgrade middle manager to

  4. Restart the middle manager.

  5. Hope everything still works.

So the question is will Tranquility 0.8.2 for Storm will work with Druid 0.9.0.