Rollup Based on multiple Dimension Column


I am new to the OLAP Environment, trying to do the rollup based on different dimension columns

Ex: Timestamp (By Hour),

Dimension Columns: A, B, C, D

Metric Columns: Metric1, Metric2, Metric3

I want to do the Rollup

For each Hour rollup with Dimension Column A

For each Hour rollup with Dimension Column B

For each Hour rollup with Dimension Column C

I didn’t get a complete understanding of the rollup by looking into the documentation.

My Assumption is:

Basic rollup will do by druid based on the timestamp and with the “group by” queries you have to get the rollup data with different dimension columns

Appreciate your help on this




Can someone clear my understanding for doing olap in druid is it required IMPLY? Because in druid we are not able to create cubes for multi dimensional rollups and slicing and dicing the data but through imply we can.


Hi lee,

Rollup is preaggregation of the data during ingestion, grouping by time (floored to the query granularity) and the set of all dimensions.

If you haven’t already, please check out for an example of how rollup works.