Running druid services on port 443

Hi All, I am wondering if it’s possible to run all the druid services (like overlord, coordinator, broker, etc) on port 443 by installing certs so that the REST endpoints are exposed via HTTPS.

If it’s possible, what are the additional steps needed apart from changing the port to 443 in ?

I am currently running Druid v 0.6.160.



This thread may be interesting for you:!searchin/druid-user/himanshu$20auth/druid-user/K0BQvtK3v44/ehkIZsNYUMoJ

You can change Druid ports by setting the druid.port option in

I don’t think it is possible to have druid run on HTTPS by simply changing the port number and runtime properties. That probably requires extra configuration on the embedded jetty which is not very configurable aside from a couple of things like port and threads etc.

– Himanshu