S3 extension doesn't allow S3 path style setting

Hi, I am using Druid v0.13 with S3 as deep storage. But it always throws NPE, it turns out that the S3 service we are using only support Path Style. Looking at the source code, it seems to me that there is no way to enable path style via configuration
org.apache.druid.common.aws.AWSClientConfig has private boolean enablePathStyleAccess = S3ClientOptions.DEFAULT_PATH_STYLE_ACCESS; and there is no setter method.

Does anyone now how to work around the problem?



I see a property druid.s3.enablePathStyleAccess in the documentation which could be enabled in Druid’s runtime.properties:

Regarding source-code question, Druid modules binds a configuration class which defines the Json properties,

i.e. in S3StorageDruidModule.java:

JsonConfigProvider.bind(binder, “druid.s3”, AWSCredentialsConfig.class);

you can more about it here: