Same query performance for 2 historical nodes as for 3 historical nodes

Hi guys,

I had 3 histo nodes and a query ran in ~17-18 seconds.

After that i’ve shut down 1 of them and the query ran in the same time.

I tried to comment the cache enabling lines in broker’s config and restarted the broker, thinking that it’s because of broker query cache:

but the result was the same.

Any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Vadim. Vararu.

What query are you running? 17-18 seconds seems extremely slow, but Druid performance is very finicky around tuning.

A groupBy on 2 dimensions + 1 count over all data

To be mentioned that we store raw data. Query granularity - ALL.

Can you post the configuration of the hardware along with the druid configurations?

Did you try to find if any of the historical node was bottlenecked on cpu or memory??