Scaling Druid from a single server to a clustered configuration by using a helm chart

Some community members are interested in scaling Druid from a single server configuration to a clustered configuration.

For example, a community member was testing Druid for a PoC running AWS, and was writing most scripts in Terraform/Bash to automate provisioning of a medium single-server which would eventually and ideally be moved to a cluster setup.

A solution was suggested by @Sergio_Ferragut:

You might also want to consider deploying on Kubernetes using AWS EKS. A good starting point for that is the Apache Druid project’s helm chart. Which provides a fairly simple configuration and deployment mechanism. druid/helm/druid at master · apache/druid · GitHub
and you might also find this helpful if you are new to helm charts:
Using Helm with Amazon EKS - Amazon EKS

Here’s more context.