Scan-query doesn't work

Hi, all

I want to use scan query to instead of select query.

Firstly, I add “scan-query” in druid.extensions.loadList.

Secondly, I used “java -classpath “lib/*” io.druid.cli.Main tools pull-deps -c io.druid.extensions.contrib:scan-query:0.10.0” to download extension jars.

Finally,I restart all the server node.

I used example query but it return “errorMessage”: “Could not resolve type id ‘scan’ into a subtype of [simple type, class io.druid.query.Query]\n at [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP@36eadeab[c=191,q=1,[0]=EOF,s=STREAM]; line: 2, column: 4]”,

Anybody who knows what’s the matter?

   "queryType": "scan",
   "dataSource": "wikipedia",
   "resultFormat": "list",
   "intervals": [

That should work. Could you make sure that scan-query is installed in the right location? Along with all the other extensions and with the jars placed inside the directory in the same manner.