Security features in Druid


I would like to know how does Druid supports authentication and also what type of encryption is supported for the data at rest and in motion?



Long story short: As much security as Redis

Hi, if you need more advanced authentication and encryption beyond what open source Druid offers, you can check out

Thanks guys. I was looking at both redis and imply but could not find LDAP implementations. So, I wonder if It needs to leverage other LDAP stack for this?

Hwai, you might be interested in!topic/druid-development/4nByc_xxxrU

Just reviving this thread.
Is there any plan to keep data at rest (segments) encrypted ?

Hey Saurabh,

No there is not at the moment. Although deep storages sometimes support transparent encryption at rest (I know S3 does; HDFS might too) and you could use an encrypt filesystem for your local disk. That should cover the two places where segments are stored at rest.