Seeing this error sometimes in Broker

Sometimes, I’m seeing this error

2017-11-02T22:33:25,966 ERROR [qtp1696910594-194] io.druid.client.BrokerServerView - WTF?! No QueryableDruidServer found for

2017-11-02T22:33:25,966 ERROR [qtp1696910594-194] io.druid.client.CachingClusteredClient - WTF!? server[DruidServerMetadata{name=‘’, host=‘’, maxSize=0, tier=’_default_tier’, type=‘realtime’, priority=‘0’}] doesn’t have a client Queryable?


That’s the IP address of my index nodes but I’m sure it can connect to index node. So, I’m not sure what’s wrong here?

It’s probably the broker trying to query an indexing task right as it’s exiting and going offline. It should be harmless if you retry the query in this case.

Thanks for the reply.