Seeking for help about how to make druid HA on k8s cluster

Dear all,

Thank you for your time reading my message. I’m working on deploying druid on k8s and make it high available. Here is what I have done.

  1. A three node Zookeeper cluster

  2. A three node coordinator k8s deployment group

  3. A three node overlord k8s deployment group

Now I curious about how to make middle manager, broker node, historical node high available.

  1. Should I just start multiple pods/instance of each node and then I’m done?

  2. Do I need to configure port for each instance of node, i.e. broker1 serve at port 8081, broker2 serve at 9081, broker3 serve at 10081 and etc?

  3. How many of each nodes is recommended to setup?

Thank you and and have a nice day.


Zihan Eric Tang