Segment has no dimensions for those empty values dimensions in the first data

Hey, guys,
I’m using Druid 0.10.1 and Serenity 0.8.2, these wonderful tools meet my requirements and the query speed is very fast.

We start a new streaming task every hour to use serenity in our storm topology to push the data to the druid,

If the first record of one task has one or more empty dimension columns , those dimensions seem not to be created in the segments.

Then the second and subsequent data, even if those dimension values are not empty, is not stored in the segment also.

Thus, the query result is not correct for those dimensions.

Is the above question due to some incorrect configuration?
Or, what configuration items make the task create all of the dimension columns, regardless of whether their value is empty or not.

Thanks for your help.

Hey GangMing,

This behavior doesn’t sound right. Do you have a test case that could be used to reproduce this problem?

If not, could you please attach (1) the DruidBeams builder code from your storm topology, (2) the payload of one of the index_realtime tasks created for this datasource (as reported by the Druid overlord). Maybe that will help figure out what is going on.