Segments created during Kafka indexing service

hi ,

I have been reading online that there will be many small segments created for each of the partitions in my Kafka topic , for the given segment interval in DRUID while using Kafka indexing services.

one of the example I found online was :- If my segment granularity is say 15min , and my Kafka topic has 10 partitions then I will have at least 40segments for an hour

I wanted to relate to his practically , so I ingested my sample data with “24 partitions” in it’s Kafka topic.

Here is the screenshot of my overlord console looks like after this ingestion :

Does this mean :-

  1. For my interval “2019-05-27T12…to 2019-05-27T13…” there 2 segements created of the total size 71.3MB . But these 2 segments are created out of 2 different partitions in Kafka topic where there was data for the same interval ???

** 2. What is the “9 dimension” mean under the first partitions ?**

**Can some one tell me if my understanding is correct here ? **



Any takes on this question , anyone ?



What is the segment time you defined in spec.



you mean segment granularity ?
which is “Hour”