Segments metadata with `used` = false

Hi all,

I had data in daily segments for the period of about 2 years. Then I accidentally changed the name of the data source in Tranquility data source spec. So since then new segments are created for another data source. That is my fault and the behaviour is expected. But surprisingly all the previous segments are now not available for querying. I checked they are present in deep storage. Then I checked metadata storage and found that in DRUID_SEGMENTS they have used = false which explains why Coordinator skips them.

So which node is in charge of deciding whether a segment should be used or not? And why my old segments are dismissed?

My bad. I’ve been launching 2 Coordinators and 2 Overlords with embedded Derby on 2 different hosts. So I had 2 versions of metadata storages :smiley: After I changed the dataspec I also restarted all nodes. Apparently cluster’s “head” switched to another node and started using another metadata storage.