Sending events with tranquility

Hey all,

I used to be able to send events to druid using tranquility using java. I am sending things in batch so the parameter I passed to .apply() for DruidBeams was a List of Maps. Now tranquility complains that it cant cast arraylist to a scala collection.

How should i send events in batch to druid? Is there anyway to do this using Tranquilizer or is the low level druidbeams the only option?


Hey Nicholas,

Tranquilizers batch transparently for you and generally should give you the best throughput. They should also be easiest to use. I would suggest giving them a shot.

But it’d be good if code that worked before still worked now :). Do you mind attaching the code you were using, and what version it did work with, so we can see why it isn’t working any more?

Hey Gian!

I attached some snippets of my tranquility code. im using the java service for building the beams. I also have my workaround to convert the java collection to a scala collection. this works now.

but i also noticed one other thing, my indexing tasks are completing. its been an hour now and the same task has been stuck. would this have something to do with the custom timekeeper i have in the druidservice configs?

thanks again,

druidService.txt (1.38 KB)

sending.txt (1.04 KB)