Sending JSON queries to Plywood Server

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We’re trying put a query server on top of our Druid cluster and we’re thinking of using Plywood. In the Plywood documentation here it’s stated that we can run the server like this:

Inline image 1

And the server will be able to take SQL strings or Plywood JSON.

Is the proxy server the same as the PlyQL server described here? Or is it something else?

If it’s the PlyQL server, I understand that we can supply a SQL string through the curl -d option, but how can we supply a JSON payload as the query? And what does the schema for Plywood JSON look like? Are they just the same fields that we can use to query Druid directly?

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This is the image that was broken in the previous post:


The component depicted in that image is but it is deprecated (the image should be updated).
The plywood proxy functionality has been rolled into plyql which is the tool mentioned in

While plyql is mostly intended to be used with the PlyQL SQL-like language you can also post plywood to it by making a POST to /plywood when running in --json-server mode.

Here is the unit test for that functionality:

For any more questions of feedback regarding the Ply* tools head over to:!forum/imply-user-group

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