"Server Error" when sending data to Druid Cluster through Tranquility


I have created a three node Druid cluster on AWS servers, as describer below. All three servers are in same VPC and traffic is open for each other.

Node 1- Coordinator, Overlord, and Zookeeper (m2large)

Node 2 - Historicals and MiddleManagers (m2large)

Node 3 - Broker (m2large)

I have tranquility on same server as Historicals and MiddleManagers. Followed the setup steps provided here.

Now, when I try to ingest using tranquility, with default server.json in <path_to_druid_distro>/conf-quickstart/tranquility. I get “Server Error”

Attached are the logs, let me know if you need any more details.


Vrinda Davda

commandLine.txt (19.1 KB)

You need to change “master.example.com” to the actual IP of your master node.

Hi Fangjin,

Thanks for the reply. I was able to change “master.example.com” with my server ip. But still I am getting same “Server Error”

Also I tried to ingest the data generated using JavaExample. Attached is the error log.

I am very new to druid. Please let me know if I am missing anythings.

Thank you,

Vrinda Davda

logs.txt (179 KB)

Can you post your runtime.properties for everything?

attached are the properties for each of the servers.

druid.zip (5.42 KB)

Hi Vrinda, can you please include your tranquility configuration as well?

Hi Fangjin,

Thanks ! I got it resolved. My data.json contained time field as “time” and in server.json it was “timestamp”. corrected this, and got it resolved. Now i have another doubt, will open a new thread for that.

Thank you,

Vrinda Davda