Service[druid:overlord] call failed with status: 400 Bad Request

I am a newer to Druid. When I setup Druid cluster, I encountered a problem : Service[druid:overlord] call failed with status: 400 Bad Request.
The cluster structure:

node1 - run coordinaor process; overlord process; broker process;

node2 - run historical process; middleManager process; tranquility

node3 is same with node2.

Druid version:

tranquility version: 0.8.0

I want to read data from Kafka in realtime using tranquility. When started coordinator, overlord, broker, historical, middlemanager process, I want to start tranquility, suing command

“bin/tranquility kafka -configFile /home/druid-”, then the error mesage occured, and the tranquility process exit.

The kafka-test.json file is in the attachment, and also the detail error message.

Anyone who can help me!

Yufeng Wang

error_message (89.3 KB)

kafka-test.json (2.33 KB)

Hi Yufeng,

Your logs show that Druid is having trouble creating a temporary directory:

2016-08-24 08:29:08,837 [finagle/netty3-1] ERROR com.metamx.common.scala.control$ - Non-retryable response for uri[/druid/indexer/v1/task] with content: {“error”:“Instantiation of [simple type, class io.druid.segment.indexing.RealtimeTuningConfig] value failed: Failed to create directory within 10000 attempts (tried 1472027349460-0 to 1472027349460-9999)”}

Make sure that exists and that it’s writable by Druid. Take a look at ‘JVM Configuration Best Practices’ here:

Thank you David. I finally use Imply and it works. Imply is much more simple :slight_smile:

在 2016年8月25日星期四 UTC+8上午2:03:23,David Lim写道:


I have the Druid on a server and I am trying to import through Imply, however it does not work, it does the import on the Druid included in Imply so create a new connection or modify the existing one.

How did you manage to load an external Druid from Imply?

Thanks for the help