Service[OVERLORD] issued redirect to unknown URL

I was running a cluster with single master node, I brought up another master node for High Availability

Then the ingestions started to fail with error:

Service [OVERLORD] issued redirect to unknown URL [ https://<masternode1host>:8290/druid/indexer/v1/action ]

The url is a valid url
The ingestion was successful on killing one of the master node. Then it was successful with the log

Service [OVERLORD] reques [POST https://<masternode1host>:8290/druid/indexer/v1/action ] completed

I checked my configuration of zookeeper and everything looks fine and works fine.
I am thinking a firewall issue might be causing this error but I am not sure

I tested 2 Master nodes with a similar configuration in lower environment.

Any inputs and possible reasons for this error?