Setting the task interval in tranquility and using realtime tasks for reindexation purposes


I have been working on a way to ingest data through Google Dataflow and Tranquility and everything seems to work like a charm. Since Dataflow can be used both for batching and streaming,

I would like to be able to set the interval I’m working on to be able to ingest data from a past interval but using realtime tasks. Is there a way to create a realtime tasks “in the past” for reindexation purposes (like reindexing the same data on the same datasource but with a different granularity)?

I’ve seen the interval set in tranquilities source files but is there a clean way to do this? I’m also wondering if I can use realtime tasks for reindexation like this and if it’s not going to be problematique when merging with previously ingested data.



Reindexing can be done via batch processing. It is currently not possible with realtime processing until!searchin/druid-development/no$20more$20windowperiod/druid-development/kHgHTgqKFlQ/fXvtsNxWzlMJ is completed.