Slides and videos from "Implementing, optimizing and using Apache Druid at scale" meetup

Last week, we hosted a Druid meetup at our Nielsen TLV office, with Verizon Media and Imply (see here).

The meetup, titled “Implementing, optimizing and using Apache Druid at scale”, had 3 talks:

  1. Funnel Analysis with Spark and Druid (Itai Yaffe, Nielsen) - slides, video
  2. Incremental Index for Druid (Dr. Edward Bortnikov, Verizon Media) - slides, video
  3. Implementing Druid and Druid’s Roadmap (Benjamin Hopp, Imply) - slides, video
    These talks covered several Druid topics which I think you’ll find interesting.



Thank you, Itai!