Spawning multiple EventReceiverFirehose firehoses


I’m trying to spawn multiple “receiver” firehoses (EventReceiverFirehose). The documentation says that I should use


If I only have one firehose then I know that I can use the default port 8100. How do I choose which port to use when I have multiple endpoints? Shouldn’t these requests go through overlord/middlemanager or something that knows how to map eventReceiverServiceName to certain peon port?



Hey Indrek,

Each task will get a unique peonHost:peonPort assigned to it, and will announce that in service discovery under the firehose name (the “eventReceiverServiceName”). You can look in service discovery to find the address and port of each firehose you want to talk to. Tranquility does something similar- spawns multiple receivers and talks to all of them- and the code it uses to do that is here:

Hope that helps.

Thank you,

Got it working.