Specifying Column Order in Druid

Hello Community,

I was wondering, is there a way to specify in which order I’d like my column on a response?

For example:

I am currently making a TopN query that responds like this, where tactic_id is the dimension:



“cpm”: 0.075100290721281,

“imps”: 307855,

“cpc”: 0.04,

“cpa”: 0,

“cvr”: 0,

“clicks”: 578,

“tactic_id”: “330950”,

“conversions”: 0,

“ctr”: 0.001877507268032,

“spend”: 23.12



Is there any way I can tell Druid to respond with the dimensions before the metrics?

I am currently doing this post-processing in an web API layer, but would be nicer if Druid could handle it.

Thanks in advance!

  • Rafael Abbondanza

Hi, there is no way to currently do this in Druid but can you add a contribution for the feature.