Sql select query - concatenate all the column values in one row

Can I get one row with all values from column?
For example:
I hava table:

table name: | some_text|
columns:    |   text   |
values:     |   aaaa   |
            |     bbbb |
            |    ccc   |
            |    ....  |

And in the same way I’d like to receive the next output:
aaaa, bbbb, ccc

Please, prompt me, how must select query be look like?

@nik : you could try using STRING_AGG function documented at SQL · Apache Druid

you query could look like ‘select STRING_AGG(text, ‘,’) from some_text’. Keep in mind that the STRING_AGG function has a limit on the number of bytes allowed in the result set crossing which would fail the query.
If you want all distinct values in the column in a single row - you could do ‘select STRING_AGG(DISTINCT text, ‘,’) from some_text’

Thanks @rohangarg, it works almost as I expected!

@rohangarg thanks so much! Ticket can be closed.

@rohangarg, how can I close topic?