starter script

Is there a good startup script to start the whole cluster in a correct order?

The druid documentation did not provide one but the quick start tutorial one like this. I find the timing of each of the service startup sometimes may be trouble with the below script.

bin/supervisor -c .conf

file would be like:

:verify bin/verify-java

:verify bin/verify-default-ports

:kill-timeout 10

!p10 zk bin/run-zk conf

coordinator bin/run-druid coordinator conf

broker bin/run-druid broker conf

historical bin/run-druid historical conf

!p80 overlord bin/run-druid overlord conf

!p90 middleManager bin/run-druid middleManager conf

Uncomment to use Tranquility Server

!p95 tranquility-server tranquility/bin/tranquility server -configFile conf/tranquility/server.json -Ddruid.extensions.loadList=

In general, due to retries for cross-server communication, the order shouldn’t matter too much. Are you finding that it does?